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Advantages for builders to install strongbacks in an open web floor system

Considering strongbacks when specifying floor systems can help to satisfy end-users who carry heightened perceptions and expectations of how a floor should perform. Even though strongbacks are not required in U.S. applications, they improve performance more effectively than other type of bridging and are recommended for superior floor systems. Best of all, strongbacks can be … Continued

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How Light Commercial Builders Benefit From TRIFORCE® Impressive Features.

In recent blog articles, we could observe many builders using and recommending TRIFORCE® joists for single-family residential construction and multi-family projects. Well there is a third category of buildings where TRIFORCE® has proven to be very successful: light commercial construction. Successful floor systems for commercial applications Whether it is for a restaurant, a bank, a … Continued

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Can An Open Web Joist Fill the Bill for Multi-family Floor Assemblies?

Can an open web joist that is a rising star in residential floor framing fill the bill for Multi-Family floor assemblies? The answer to our question is a BIG YES! TRIFORCE® open joist will meet or surpass your floor framing requirements of Multi-Family housing. It will provide you with a solid feeling floor system, fire … Continued

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Leading the way

Builders have guts. They have the courage to assemble products and build homes from scratch with their own hands. They are visionaries who transform empty lots into beautiful and exciting living spaces. They do this in the face of adversity, tight budgets, short deadlines, workforce shortages, and countless other challenges playing against the timely completion … Continued

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Does an open web floor joist require rim board?

TRIFORCE® experts are regularly invited as speakers for continuing education webinars. One participant recently asked if open web floor joists still require rim board. I thought that was an interesting question because once you understand everything rim board does, you adopt it. Rim board: An essential part of an engineered wood floor system Rim board … Continued

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Cantilevers: Best practices with open-joist construction

Used for centuries in many different ways, cantilevers as a construction device were first recognized in 19th Century bridge designs.  But they gained significant notice in architectural use when Frank Lloyd Wright unveiled his iconic “Fallingwater” commissioned residence.  There the cantilever was not just a structural means to an end but also a dramatic design … Continued

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The Interesting World of Joist Repairs and Proper Strongback Installation

1) Joist Repair Needed Recently, a TRIFORCE® representative was called to a construction site because the GC had discovered a cracked bottom chord on one of the installed TRIFORCE® joists (see photo above). The cause of the damage was a mystery and no one was taking responsibility. What could have happened? First… we know what … Continued

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Engineered Floor Joists: Which Are Best For Your Application?

In North America residential construction, wood has long been a material of choice: abundant, readily available, flexible, and easily repairable, it is less expensive than steel and concrete, and is naturally an overwhelmingly popular material. For some 40 years now, engineers and builders have had the choice between using traditional lumber or engineered wood for … Continued

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Open ceiling design for single-family home basements is certainly popular if you judge by its coverage on the web or the number of tips you can find on how to create a more open-looking basement space. This trendy “industrial look” in single-family homes has definitely caught on. For builders, however, safety considerations naturally come before … Continued

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Should I use a floor truss or TRIFORCE® open joist in my project?

While floor systems have evolved through time, the good ol’ floor truss is still around. Admittedly, it does have certain advantages. But how does it compare to the latest  generation of our floor solution: TRIFORCE® open joist? Floor truss characteristics Floor trusses are certainly a viable option for your floor structure. A floor truss consists … Continued

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