How Light Commercial Builders Benefit From TRIFORCE® Impressive Features.

In recent blog articles, we could observe many builders using and recommending TRIFORCE® joists for single-family residential construction and multi-family projects. Well there is a third category of buildings where TRIFORCE® has proven to be very successful: light commercial construction.

Successful floor systems for commercial applications

Whether it is for a restaurant, a bank, a church or a student housing, builders are pointing out that TRIFORCE® works successfully for floor systems in commercial applications.

TRIFORCE®, the fire-resistant solution

Code-specified fire-resistant floor assemblies are required in this construction segment, just as they are in multi-family projects and, as previously discussed, TRIFORCE® has them. TRIFORCE® open joists are rigorously tested by INTERTEK, an independent third-party offering Total Quality Assurance to industries worldwide (SpecID 35685). With certified durations of 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, assemblies have been engineered and are available through our fire-resistant solutions brochure.

The impressive TRIFORCE® spans, a non-negligible benefit for light commercial

In commercial buildings, it’s the impressive strength of TRIFORCE® that makes it so desirable. TRIFORCE® achieves substantial spans even when the building code requires that a commercial floor system carry a live load of as much as 100 lbs. per square foot. TRIFORCE® joists can span longer than 21 feet under such a condition, satisfying framing needs for the majority of light commercial constructions today. Our Specifier Guide includes charts based on 100 pound live load and 15 pound dead load.

While TRIFORCE® span tables show maximum Live Loads of 100 PSF, even heavier design loads can be accommodated if needed. Barrette Structural Distribution’s free TRIFORCE® ANALYZER software allows designers to specify TRIFORCE® framing to satisfy special loading needs.

multifamily floor system

Open-web configuration

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of the always-present benefits of using TRIFORCE®. First of these is our open-web configuration that importantly allows the installation of “strongback” bridging. Strongbacks maximize floor system performance by damping vibration. These are the ingredients of a solid feeling floor!

And, of course, open-web means faster, easier installation of mechanical systems and easier build/remodel when an existing retail space is changed. Since there is often a mix of steel and wood framing in today’s commercial structure, it is important to know that TRIFORCE® already teams well with steel and that connection details have been engineered for such applications.

Consider using TRIFORCE® for your light commercial applications. Its features and benefits can help ensure the success of your projects in this sector and procure you and occupants Peace of mind underfoot™.

Triforce Open Joist
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