Case Studies

In this section, you’ll find out how TRIFORCE® has helped builders make their projects better, more efficient and less expensive. We can do the same for you by the way!

Case Study: To the Rescue!

Two years ago, a builder in Maine faced a daunting challenge.  He had to build a large multi-use structure in a typically tight New England location and meet a very specific completion deadline. A developer in York Beach, Maine had engaged him to complete a project called York Beach Residence Club.  It was designed to … Continued

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The rise of modular building – a 6-story example

When you think about it, modular building represents the industrialization of the construction process. Factory-built parts shipped to a site and quickly assembled with minimum environmental impact, and at blistering speeds. Has modular building come of age? Are we approaching an industrial revolution in construction? If you base yourself on the speed at which modular … Continued

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Triforce collaborates with modular home builders

The modular housing trend With the recent improvements in construction materials and building techniques, it is no surprise that the modular home is rapidly growing in popularity. Undeniably,  modular homes have many advantages: Built in a controlled factory environment and safe from humidity, water or wind damage during construction. This includes not only the home itself … Continued

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Update on construction at York Beach Residence Club project in York, Maine

In the spring, our guest blogger Bill Sweeney from Coastal Forest Products wrote about a big project in York, Maine (see part 1 and part 2 of this series). This MDU condo project, is now well into the Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC installation.  Bill describes it for us  Update on construction at York Beach Residence … Continued

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Triforce helped us out big time on this project – Part 2

In the second part of this unique look at a big project in Maine, Bill Sweeney, our guest blogger from Coastal Forest Products talks about the detail that convinced the Engineer of Record to replace plated trusses by TRIFORCE®. Again, our thanks to Bill Sweeney  TRIFORCE®  helped us big time on this project, Part 2 … Continued

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TRIFORCE® open joist helped us out big time on this project!

Today we are publishing a guest blog by Bill Sweeney of Coastal Forest Products out of New Hampshire. Bill talked to us about a current project involving TRIFORCE® open joist. This is the first of two blogs on this subject. We’d like to sincerely thank Bill for the time he took to talk to us … Continued

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*Note/mention: The designer and/or general contractor of the project or building must ensure the accuracy of the technical information discussed in this blog over the years and always rely on the most up-to-date product’s requirements, specifications and installation guidelines available online on this website, and the applicable codes and standards.