Triforce helped us out big time on this project – Part 2

In the second part of this unique look at a big project in Maine, Bill Sweeney, our guest blogger from Coastal Forest Products talks about the detail that convinced the Engineer of Record to replace plated trusses by TRIFORCE®. Again, our thanks to Bill Sweeney 

TRIFORCE®  helped us big time on this project, Part 2 – By Bill Sweeney

Earlier this week, I talked about how TRIFORCE® helped us get over space and time constraints in the construction of a new 4-story 25 unit multiuse project in York, Maine.

But it was the steel framing of the first floor that brought the use of the plated trusses into question.

As you may know, steel framing sometimes doesn’t come out perfectly precise, which is exactly what happened on this project. Once the first-floor framing was done, it was realized that some of the plated trusses wouldn’t fit. The builder was looking at a 3-4 week replacement time. This would bust his May 15th deadline. All structural elements had to be done and the crane moved out by then. In a vacation town like York, this would not be pretty.

TRIFORCE® could replace the plated trusses

The TRIFORCE® product was amongst the original bids back in October. Because it is top quality, trimmable onsite and readily available, he immediately recommended it to the Engineer of record. The icing on the cake for the builder and the promoters was that TRIFORCE® was significantly less per linear food than the Plated trusses, coming out over 20% less in total cost for the substitution.

Icing doesn’t interest Engineers, however.

The engineer of record didn’t know the product. He decided that something mass-produced, with that kind of pricing couldn’t possibly be as good as plated trusses. Then, he asked to talk to other engineers who had used TRIFORCE® in their projects. He interviewed two other engineers. They gave TRIFORCE® a big thumbs up. He asked for the UL report on the Open Joists. It was provided. He also reviewed town, county and state Fire Marshall codes. Also, load calculations were provided for every single joist. I have to thank Eric Pendland and Matt Loiselle from TRIFORCE® open joist for their amazing support on all of these requests!

Triforce_Kearsarge_lift these will replace plated trusses

Finally, it worked out. After carefully scrutinizing all the data, the engineer of record accepted the substitution. with the TRIFORCE® product at 19.2” and 16” on center instead of the 24” on center needed for the plated trusses and, like I mentioned earlier this week, at reduced costs and with an accelerated schedule!

This satisfied the Engineer. Moreover, the construction company said it would use Open Joist going forward.

I’ll get back to you in a week or two when the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing goes in. With this product’s triangulated structure and no metal plates, I am sure the MEP guys will love it too!

Triforce19.2 and 16 on center replace plated trusses

Bill Sweeney

Bill Sweeney_Coastal Forest Products

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