8 Reasons Why TRIFORCE® Open Joist is Perfect for Your Project

TRIFORCE® open joist was developed specifically to answer several needs in the construction industry. It’s an ideal engineered wood floor system that we believe will exceed your expectations. Here’s why: 1) It’s an innovative product TRIFORCE® joists are an outstanding answer to problems that have plagued framers and MEP installers for years. It does away … Continued

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How to Improve Your Floor System Efficiency

Building with engineered wood floor systems allows for wider spans, greater strength, and far more design possibilities than traditional solid sawn lumber. But to capture all the benefits of TRIFORCE® joists, here are some recommendations for floor system installation: A) Use the manufacturer’s recommended hangers and fasteners Joist applications can vary, and there are hangers and fasteners … Continued

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Evolution of Ways to Solidify Floor Structures

Depending on the type of floor framing used in the structure, there are three common bracing methods used to reduce vibration and improve performance: St. Andrew’s crosses for dimensional lumber Blocking for I-joist Strongbacks for open Joist TRIFORCE® 1) St. Andrew’s crosses Traditional 2×8 or 2×10 dimensional lumber floor joists are still used, but may … Continued

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Best Strategies for Floor System Performance

Upon installation of TRIFORCE® open web floor joists, you quickly realize their significant ability to control both vibration and sound transfer. First, simple installation of strongbacks at center span effectively reduces floor vibration, one of the more frequent occupant complaints in multifamily construction.  Secondly, an open web system such as TRIFORCE® can improve the sound dampening … Continued

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2023 Just Around the Corner: Fresh News from TRIFORCE®

The TRIFORCE® team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the New Year! We are happy and proud to announce that our blog articles will be coming back in 2023. As we return to normal business, we are honored to count you among our loyal readers. We are also thrilled … Continued

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