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The TRIFORCE® blog is a forum for ideas and opinions and, by all means, we invite you to share your experiences in the response section. If the blog inspires you to seek actual technical advice suited to your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a more in-depth conversation. We’ll be happy to help!

Should lumberyards sell EWP?

For lumberyards that don’t typically sell engineered wood, there are many good arguments in favor of carrying this type of product. EWP use will grow Indeed, with the return of a healthy construction industry and increased competitiveness, you can bank on builders looking for wood products that will give them a better bang for their … Continued

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How to get around a 6 to 8 week lead time for plated trusses

Spring is here and construction season is gearing back up. It looks like it will be a pretty productive season too. Builder confidence is higher than it has been in the past 12 years and new home sales are stronger than last year and seem to be trending upwards. This is a good time to … Continued

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Engineered wood joist: a good alternative if dimensional lumber pricing goes through the roof

The price of lumber had been rising steadily in small increments since 2014. Since the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) expired in December 2016, however, price volatility has increased dramatically. For your budget and for your peace of mind, switching to engineered wood wherever possible in your projects could be the right thing to do. Dimensional … Continued

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Remodeling increase: are you ready?

A recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University foresees a healthy remodeling increase over the next 10 years. The study cites factors such as older homeowners modifying their homes allowing them to age in place, and first-time homebuyers modifying a newly purchased property. Per-homeowner-per year spending is projected to go … Continued

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Two ways to connect wood to steel: slope cut and top mount

Travelling to construction sites in the US and in Canada, I’ve noticed each country has a preferred wood-joist-to-steel connection method. These two methods are called slope cut and top mount. Wood to steel used more often In both Countries, I see steel being used more and more often in residential projects. House sizes have been … Continued

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Guess what? Open joist TRIFORCE® can be used as stair girders!

If I told you that open joist TRIFORCE® can be used for stair girders, the first thing you might think is “Ok, but why?” Keep with open design! In two words: open design. We’ve often said it in this blog: 0pen Joist TRIFORCE® has an open design that allows you to run Plumbing, Electricals and … Continued

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How are the joints made on open joist TRIFORCE®?

We recently got a question on our website about how the joints are made on the open joist TRIFORCE®. It’s great question, as it touches on many of the product’s strengths. We always welcome questions on our blog, so please feel free to ask. So, here’s our answer. 5-fingered-joints acting as connector The first thing … Continued

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Some good reasons to use Triforce® for flat roofs

Lately, we’ve been working on quite a few flat roofs for multifamily projects. While most roof structures in this category of building are made from dimensional lumber, MDUs with flat roofs tend to be framed with either dimensional lumber or plated trusses. So, how did we convince the multifamily project designers to use Triforce® for … Continued

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Some recommendations for floor system installation

Building with engineered wood floor systems allows wider spans, greater strength, and far more design possibilities than traditional sawn lumber. Using engineered wood is somewhat more complex, though.  Here are some recommendations for engineered wood floor system installation. Use the manufacturer’s recommended hangers and fasteners Joist applications can vary, and there are hangers and fasteners for … Continued

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Dimensional lumber vs open joist TRIFORCE®, a comparison

Open joist TRIFORCE® falls under the category of engineered wood products (EWP). EWP has seen growing popularity since its introduction in the early 1970’s. Engineered wood is used in framing for floor assemblies, building sheathing and roof assemblies as well as Structural Insulated panels. Its basic ingredient is a combination of wood fiber, strands or … Continued

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