How to get around a 6 to 8 week lead time for plated trusses

Spring is here and construction season is gearing back up. It looks like it will be a pretty productive season too. Builder confidence is higher than it has been in the past 12 years and new home sales are stronger than last year and seem to be trending upwards. This is a good time to talk about lead time for plated trusses.

We all know that it’s crucial to order your materials as early as you can to get them in time. Things aren’t always that simple, though.  Projects can suddenly fall into place and leap forward on you. You then find yourself scrambling to order what you need.  Meanwhile, as we get further and further into the season, many plated truss manufacturers attain their maximum production.

“Sure we’ll take your order, but lead time for plated trusses is…”

So here you are suddenly needing to order materials for a floor system. You call up the plated truss maker, and they say something like “well, we can’t make them for you this week because we have several orders ahead of you and our production is maxed out, so give us 6-8 weeks”.

Uh oh.

You could decide to substitute with some I-joists, but if the plan called for plated trusses there’s probably a good reason for that. Many designers and builders prefer the plated truss because of its open web design. It allows the mechanicals to be hidden between floors. It also makes plumbing, HVAC and electrical installation easier and faster.

Order open joist TRIFORCE® instead

Here’s what you can do: Order open joist TRIFORCE® instead. It has an open design, and because it is mass-produced, you can get it in a week or two. They are widely available in 14” and 16” depths and are manufactured in lengths of up to 30’.  Talk to your local lumber yard who can order it from their distributor.

One more thing: TRIFORCE® also has the advantage of all wood construction. No metal plates means no stripped wires or nasty cuts, and even easier MEP installation.


If your preference is for plated trusses, keep open joist TRIFORCE® in mind. The way the construction season is shaping up, it is worth having it as a solid alternative.

Learn more about the TRIFORCE® product by downloading our spec guide. It could help you out of a tight spot!


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