Open web design is open to the future (part 1)

We often talk about the advantages of open web design in this blog.  But an open design isn’t just convenient and time-saving.  Indeed, what if I told you that open web joists must replace I-joist type floor joists in the near future? Let me explain.

The Millennial opportunity

In the past year, a lot has been written about how the existing home market is tight and how great opportunity lies in finding a way to build houses that will appeal to millennial buyers’ budgets (read lower cost new housing for first time buyers). As a builder, your challenge is to do this profitably or miss the boat.

It shouldn’t be about reducing your profit margins

But the solution isn’t necessarily reducing your profit margin to hit a price as stated in a recent article on CNBC. Rather, you could find ways to use materials more efficiently. And use materials that make the work more efficient. Look for any material you can find that reduce installation time and requires minimal labor to adjust once installed.

Open web design is essential in this context

Why is open web design essential in this context? Because installation of mechanicals needlessly increases your labor costs if your subcontractors have to punch out or drill into every single joist for plumbing, HVAC or electrical runs. How much time is spent drilling holes? And how many times does hole drilling cause a problem because the perforation is out of I-joist manufacturer specification?  How much can work delays and repair details cost you at the end of the day? Well, they don’t need to.

A logical and predictable step forward in joist technology

A competitively-priced joist, one that is adjustable on site and has an open web design will save you labor costs. It will allow your subcontractors to work more quickly, with more freedom, fewer mistakes, and fewer delays. Best of all, there’s no learning curve involved in substituting to open joist TRIFORCE®. It is a simple, elegant solution that doesn’t require knowledge that framers or subcontractors don’t already have.

Interested in finding out more about the “Evolution of the Wood Floor Joist”? Register here: Continuing education.

In part two of this post, I’ll talk about the upcoming construction trends that will make the use of I-joists clearly ridiculous: Open web joists open up new possibilities


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