Jobsite Applications

TRIFORCE® makes your work on the jobsite easier. It offers many features that can help you get your jobs done quicker, reduce overall construction costs and make it easy for your framers to use. Learn all about the TRIFORCE® features and benefits in this section of the blog.

Devil in the details

There are so many details that make up a well constructed house. The best way to attend to all of them is to think of the finished product as series of interlocking systems that depend on each other. The structure of a building has a direct impact on how the mechanicals will go into it. … Continued

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The ultimate advice for cutting holes into joists: Don’t.

Have you ever taken part in a conversation that involved cutting holes in I-joists? Was it because an improper cut called for a repair? Or was it a communications issue between subcontractors as to the exact placement of the holes? Did you find yourself wishing there was an easier way to just get on with … Continued

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Why do so many plumbing drops cut into joists?

The problem of plumbing drops cutting into floor joists happens so frequently you wonder why this reoccuring issue hasn’t been permanently solved over the last 100 years of residential construction. It is a constant point of contention between construction professionals and a huge waste of everyone’s time. Who gets the blame? I’ve seen more than … Continued

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7 reasons why TRIFORCE® open joist should be part of your project

TRIFORCE® open joist was developed specifically to answer several needs in the construction industry. It’s an ideal floor system that we believe will exceed your expectations. Here’s why: It’s an innovative product TRIFORCE® open joist is an outstanding answer to problems that have plagued framers and MEP installers for years. It does away with hole-drilling. … Continued

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When the architectural plan says ‘’or equivalent’’

As a builder, you’ll sometimes come across these two words in an architectural plan: ‘‘or equivalent.’’ These two words can give you pause. ‘‘Or equivalent’’ do I or don’t I? You may be ok with what was specified as first choice, but as a builder having just gone through a few difficult years (along with … Continued

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4 simple guidelines to install the open joist TRIFORCE®

With its lightweight construction and trimmable end, which requires only one measurement and no additional math or engineer’s approval, you’ll find the open joist TRIFORCE® particularly easy to install. To make sure you get the most out of this high-precision product, apply these 4 handling and installation guidelines. 1. Keep the wood away from humidity … Continued

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Structural Rim board: carrying the load

However simple the rim board may seem, it is a central element in an engineered wood floor construction system. It literally carries the load: Installed perpendicular or parallel along the outside of TRIFORCE® open-joist floor structures, the rim board carries axial and lateral loads from the exterior wall and also helps resist lateral shear loads from … Continued

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12 rules for safe storage and handling of the Open Joist TRIFORCE®

Once you receive your TRIFORCE® joists, you usually have to store them before setting them up. Follow these rules to make sure they are in the best possible condition before installation. Proper storage and handling of TRIFORCE® joists ensures your floor system build is optimal. Here are 12 rules for storage and handling of the … Continued

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*Note/mention: The designer and/or general contractor of the project or building must ensure the accuracy of the technical information discussed in this blog over the years and always rely on the most up-to-date product’s requirements, specifications and installation guidelines available online on this website, and the applicable codes and standards.