7 reasons why TRIFORCE® open joist should be part of your project

TRIFORCE® open joist was developed specifically to answer several needs in the construction industry. It’s an ideal floor system that we believe will exceed your expectations. Here’s why:

It’s an innovative product

TRIFORCE® open joist is an outstanding answer to problems that have plagued framers and MEP installers for years. It does away with hole-drilling. Its open web design allows fast, easy installation of  MEP components.

Containing no metal plates, it has no sharp edges to damage these installations. Its lightweight design allows easy handling. Onsite adjustment of up to 24 inches is simple, thanks to its trimmable end.

It has superior construction

Built in an entirely automated facility with round the clock quality control, TRIFORCE® open joist attains unmatched levels of precision. Joist components are robotically cut, grooved and scanned before assembly. Put together with waterproof NES and CCMC approved adhesive, they can resist harsh conditions. Each joist is individually tested to ensure that only proven joists make it to the jobsite.

It can accomodate several applications

Its superior technical specifications allow it to accomodate a variety of applications. TRIFORCE® open joist is ideal for single family homes, multi residential, commercial, light industrial and institutional construction. It is also appropriate for newer type constructions, such as 4 to 5 story wood frame buildings.

It has a competitive cost

Cost effectiveness has become a strong driver in the construction industry. TRIFORCE® open joist has a truly competitive cost to value ratio. Contact your distributor to see our pricing for yourself.

It has carefully selected distributors

TRIFORCE® distributors are selected because of their ability to deliver quickly, with a low error ratio. The result is reliable availability of Open Joist products, almost anywhere in the USA and Canada.

We provide thorough technical assistance

Our experienced engineers are available for questions.  They’ll make recommendations so you can get the most out of your product. They’ve developed a wide range of detail documents for specific applications required in the field.

We provide excellent post sales service

We make sure your customer experience with TRIFORCE® open joist is efficient and satisfying from purchase to delivery and installation, and even beyond. Our experts remain available to troubleshoot any issues involving TRIFORCE® open joist that may come up on your project.

We urge you to try TRIFORCE® open joist and see for yourself why you should have been using it all along!

Triforce Open Joist
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3 responses to “7 reasons why TRIFORCE® open joist should be part of your project

  1. We have preliminary print for a new home we will be building in Athabasca, Alberta area a 1 1/2 story home with walk out basement and wondering best approach to get a cost using open joist for main floor, cathedral ceiling on front half with prow roof and sissor trust for back 1/2 of home. Also suggestions for 3/4 around house deck extending out 12 feet.

  2. I have a construction company and we do mostly remodels. We are beginning to have clients ask about moving or install bathrooms on a second floor. Not knowing for sure if we will have to cut joists until we open the floor, I’d love to know if your product would help with our issue regardless of the floor. The way I see it, we could replace a joist or 2 or 3 with your product and be able to run toilet drain and other plumbing and electrical through the space, is that correct?

    Can you send me specs of your products? Do you have one that would replace a 2×8 joist?



    1. Good day Tim,

      First of all, I’d like to thank you for your interest in our open joist.
      You said it right, the TRIFORCE® open joist is a good way to go for your plumbing and electrical clearance.
      As for the depth of our joists, depending on the replacement you are looking for from a project to another, we manufacture 11 7/8”, 14” and 16”.
      I invite you to visit our web site and download our specifier guide for more details:


      Best regards,

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