12 rules for safe storage and handling of the Open Joist TRIFORCE®

Once you receive your TRIFORCE® joists, you usually have to store them before setting them up. Follow these rules to make sure they are in the best possible condition before installation. Proper storage and handling of TRIFORCE® joists ensures your floor system build is optimal.

Here are 12 rules for storage and handling of the open Joist TRIFORCE®:

  1. Protect the TRIFORCE® from the weather by keeping the bundles wrapped.
  2. Don’t unwrap the TRIFORCE® bundles right up until the time of installation. This will protect the joists from dirt and weather
  3. Always store, stack and handle the joists vertically and level. Never leave them lying flat
  4. Use wood stickers in order to separate the bundles under each automatically inserted stickers.
  5. Never store TRIFORCE® joists in direct contact with the ground. Use wood stickers. For optimal moisture protection, we recommend 6 inches up off the ground.
  6. Store the longest material the lowest to the ground.
  7. Watch out for forklift damage! If the ground isn’t level in the storage area, go slowly to prevent the load from “bouncing” too much.
  8. When handling with a crane, always keep the TRIFORCE® vertical. You can also use a spreader to minimize handling stresses.
  9. Don’t stack it too high! Maintain the height within safe limits.
  10. Do not lift the joist by the top flange.
  11. Do not stack other material on top of the TRIFORCE® bundles.
  12. Watch out, the bundles can be very slippery, especially when wet. Walking on the bundles is therefore not recommended!

Following these 12 rules will ensure your Open Joist TRIFORCE® joists are in perfect condition when it comes time to install them.


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