The TRIFORCE® blog is all about sharing our passion for building, either through our bloggers’ opinions on the market or on technical matters related to wood building. Through these articles, case studies and stories, we hope you’ll learn more about the open joist TRIFORCE® and floor system performance.

The TRIFORCE® blog is a forum for ideas and opinions and, by all means, we invite you to share your experiences in the response section. If the blog inspires you to seek actual technical advice suited to your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a more in-depth conversation. We’ll be happy to help!

Where did the open joist TRIFORCE® come from?

We developed the open joist TRIFORCE® to address key shortcomings found in most engineered wood joists. Complaints about comparable products Throughout the years, engineered wood floor joists have proven popular because of their controlled quality, lightness and strength. But, while used heavily in residential and light commercial construction, they have also accumulated complaints about certain … Continued

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A little bit of Joist history…

How about a little bit of joist history? Currently on the market, there are essentially three different types of engineered floor joists Wood I-Joists Steel plated floor trusses Finger-jointed and glued floor joists Wooden I-Joists They’ve been around for nearly 50 years, having been invented in the late 60’s. They get their name from their cross-section, … Continued

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4 simple guidelines to install the open joist TRIFORCE®

With its lightweight construction and trimmable end, which requires only one measurement and no additional math or engineer’s approval, you’ll find the open joist TRIFORCE® particularly easy to install. To make sure you get the most out of this high-precision product, apply these 4 handling and installation guidelines. 1. Keep the wood away from humidity … Continued

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Engineered Wood: how green is it really?

Why would engineered wood be more eco-friendly than concrete, steel or even ”natural” lumber? Looking at the big picture, if you compare engineered wood to steel or concrete, wood simply consumes much less fossil fuels in its manufacturing, and therefore can be considered clearly more renewable. Though a tree might take 60 years to regrow, … Continued

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Strongbacks: Big value, small cost

From a home dweller’s perspective, floor performance can be thought of as a level of comfort. If someone is walking by you inside a brand new house, you might feel an effect coming from the floor: vibration. If you’re like me, the less you feel vibration, the more solid the floor feels and that has … Continued

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Acoustic performance for an Engineered wood floor structure

Anyone who has lived in a multi-unit building with noisy neighbours can appreciate the effects of sound transmission. Since the 1990’s the International Building Code has included requirements for sound performance, to help guide architects and contractors in building better sound attenuation performance into their constructions. This evaluation is done on two distinct types of … Continued

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Open joist TRIFORCE® quality control: a cut way above.

Is quality control important in the construction industry? Let’s put it this way: The end user lives or works inside the finished product. They can’t just return it to the lumberyard if something is wrong. Quality is the best policy.  With that in mind, let’s have a look at the commitment to quality that goes … Continued

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Structural Rim board: carrying the load

However simple the rim board may seem, it is a central element in an engineered wood floor construction system. It literally carries the load: Installed perpendicular or parallel along the outside of TRIFORCE® open-joist floor structures, the rim board carries axial and lateral loads from the exterior wall and also helps resist lateral shear loads from … Continued

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12 rules for safe storage and handling of the Open Joist TRIFORCE®

Once you receive your TRIFORCE® joists, you usually have to store them before setting them up. Follow these rules to make sure they are in the best possible condition before installation. Proper storage and handling of TRIFORCE® joists ensures your floor system build is optimal. Here are 12 rules for storage and handling of the … Continued

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How is the Open Joist TRIFORCE® built? (Part 2)

As we explained in our previous article, the Open Joist TRIFORCE® is made with four components. We saw how two of them (the chords and the OSB panel) are prepared for assembly. Today, it’s time to examine the posts and webs! The posts and the webs There are two posts in the Open Joist TRIFORCE: … Continued

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