How people react to open joist TRIFORCE® characteristics at shows

TRIFORCE® has been displayed at many industry shows and events. For us, it is a very hands-on way to help architects, general contractors and builders appreciate the beauty of this product’s logic while helping them get to know TRIFORCE® characteristics.

Where are the metal plates?

Most people who come up to our booth are surprised that it is an all wood product. They see the open design and they think “where are the metal plates? How does it hold together?”.

The answer is the finger-jointed technology. The webs and chords are finger-jointed together in a state of the art robotic manufacturing facility. We use waterproof resorcinol adhesive to help ensure a superior connection. Each joist is then individually tested to ensure all connections are secure and that only proven joists are shipped to job sites.

Triforce Spec Guide

TRIFORCE® characteristics – Open design and adjustable end

Once they’ve gotten over the open design without metal plates, they then try to get their head around the fact that our product also has an adjustable OSB end. We literally get questions like “Are you selling an I-joist or are you selling the truss part of it?”.

I guess people have difficulty envisioning a product that encompasses both these types of truss design: open and adjustable.

To us, it is just a natural and logical product evolution. Why would you prefer to install a Truss that isn’t adjustable? When there are mistakes in the foundation measurements and everything is a little off, a Truss might require replacement. Depending on how busy the Truss manufacturer is, that could take a few to several weeks.  You also need to get an engineer’s approval on the change. The fact that TRIFORCE® has OSB on one side that is adjustable up to 24 inches, helps keep your project running smoothly.

Faster, easier Plumbing, HVAC and electrical installation

You also get the very big advantage of creating a practically wide-open space to install your mechanicals. Think about that. Not only do plumbers, HVAC installers and electricians have more freedom to install their equipment, they can do it faster. All that drilling through conventional joists is eliminated. This really saves time.

Technical aspects of TRIFORCE® characteristics

Of course, we get the usual questions about the technical aspects of load bearing as well as spans. I could talk about that all day, but If you’d like to find out more about those now, just click on the link below.

This also will put to rest one concern I’ve heard a few times about TRIFORCE®’s web material which are 2 x 2. Can they transfer load sufficiently? True, they aren’t made of the same material as the chords, but even if they are smaller, they more than make up for it through the triangular design. All loads are properly transferred.

The result is a joist that is strong, lightweight, easily maneuverable, and easy to install.

The best thing I’ve heard at shows about TRIFORCE®? Once an architect or contractor adopts it, they stick with it.

I think that says a lot.

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