Joist Design & Manufacturing

TRIFORCE® is the only all-wood open-web joist offered to the construction market since the end of the 1980s. This unique product by design is produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using 95% robotic manufacturing processes. This allows us to produce a quality product every time and to ensure you get a great product backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition, all TRIFORCE® joists are individually tested to meet high standards.

Where did the open joist TRIFORCE® come from?

We developed the open joist TRIFORCE® to address key shortcomings found in most engineered wood joists. Complaints about comparable products Throughout the years, engineered wood floor joists have proven popular because of their controlled quality, lightness and strength. But, while used heavily in residential and light commercial construction, they have also accumulated complaints about certain … Continued

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Open joist TRIFORCE® quality control: a cut way above.

Is quality control important in the construction industry? Let’s put it this way: The end user lives or works inside the finished product. They can’t just return it to the lumberyard if something is wrong. Quality is the best policy.  With that in mind, let’s have a look at the commitment to quality that goes … Continued

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How is the Open Joist TRIFORCE® built? (Part 2)

As we explained in our previous article, the Open Joist TRIFORCE® is made with four components. We saw how two of them (the chords and the OSB panel) are prepared for assembly. Today, it’s time to examine the posts and webs! The posts and the webs There are two posts in the Open Joist TRIFORCE: … Continued

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How is the Open Joist TRIFORCE® built? (Part 1)

How do we build the only open and adjustable floor joist? Triforce is a state of art flooring solution entirely made of wood and assembled without any metal connectors. How is it built in the Barrette Structural plant? As you may know, the Open Joist TRIFORCE® is made up of four components: Chords Webs Posts … Continued

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A revolutionary plant for a revolutionary product

Everybody’s talking about sustainable development. It’s something that matters a lot to us at Barrette Structural Distribution. Not only have we made sure the performance of this plant would be optimal, with precise and efficient assembly of our products, but we’ve also worked hard to build a sustainable and green plant. The plant where the … Continued

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