Now more than ever, it’s time to build faster, smarter

I’m reading it everywhere these days. The housing market is picking up like never before.  Millennials are moving to leave home and heading towards home ownership at an increasing pace.  However, existing home inventory is tight and pricing is high.  So, where will these young homebuyers turn to? Newly built homes. Now more than ever, it’s time to build faster, smarter.

Ideal conditions

Ideal conditions for the construction industry right? Right. Yet, the National Association of Realtors rightly talks about “the homebuilding industry’s struggle to meet the dire need for more homes”. Shortage of labor is a big part of the issue.

Regardless, the demand for housing is just going to increase, forcing you to build faster, smarter and more efficiently. With no end of market growth in sight, the faster you can build a quality house (faster than your competitors that is), the more chances you’ll be able to effectively corner your market and prosper.

So, how to do this? One way is to adopt BIM (Building Information Modelling), which reduces change orders, undocumented modifications, on-site errors, and slow-downs.   We’ll talk about BIM for residential and light commercial construction in two upcoming blog posts.

Build faster, smarter by choosing the right materials

Build faster, smarter, with TRIFORCE

Another way to ramp up your efficiency is by choosing materials that will help you build faster. Take open joist TRIFORCE® for example. Here are a few of the ways it can help you save time and make your crew more efficient.

  • Light and maneuverable. They can be quickly and easily moved into place. While it typically takes two men to move a metal-plated truss joist, one man can carry two open joist TRIFORCE®. This way, floor systems are assembled more quickly, with minimum strain.
  • Adjustability. This can make a huge difference when measurements are slightly off. If you are installing a plated truss that can’t quite fit, you need to reorder and have the new truss validated by an engineer. TRIFORCE®, on the other hand, has an adjustable end that can be cut up to 24” on site.
  • Whereas plated trusses take 6-8 weeks to order in high season, open joist TRIFORCE® can typically be ordered and delivered within 2 weeks.  The product is widely available thanks to mass manufacturing. Its 100% robotic assembly also makes it highly consistent.
  • Open web design. This completely does away with punching out or drilling holes into I-joist OSB paneling. Not only will your MEP contractors be faster at installing their runs, they’ll have greater freedom to choose the most efficient path for each utility. That saves time and money for everyone.

Open joist TRIFORCE® is part of how to build faster, smarter and more efficiently. Learn all about it in our specification guide.

It just might help you get ahead of the game in your market!

Triforce Spec Guide

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