Above & Beyond: Individual Joist Testing

Open Joist TRIFORCE® stands out among engineered floor joists because every joist is tested before it leaves Barrette’s state-of-the-art factory.  Only Open Joist products are put through such a testing process.

Passing the test helps ensure that only proven joists are shipped to a job site. You can install TRIFORCE® with confidence. Builders and developers can offer a floor system whose performance is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Along with final joist testing, TRIFORCE®’s robotic assembly process includes measures that result in defect-free joists.  Computer guided scanners identify questionable joist components and remove them from the assembly line before they can be built into a joist.

Rigorous Test Process

After TRIFORCE® webs and chords are finger-jointed together with structural adhesive and allowed to cure, joists are fed into the automated test rack.  There, a safe load is applied to the joist.  If the joist doesn’t fail, it qualifies to leave the factory.

But Barrette goes even further in testing TRIFORCE®. At prescribed production intervals, destructive tests are performed on joists.  For these tests, joists are required to survive loading conditions even greater than normal tests.  Another important aspect is that an independent inspection agency monitors all these tests.

Why Builders Appreciate TRIFORCE®

Some might say we have overdesigned TRIFORCE®. We say we’re passionate about producing a safe, superior product.

When TRIFORCE® joists get to a job site, their assembly, strength and appearance have been certified and guaranteed. Furthermore, there are no metal connectors, nails, or weak connections. Consequently, there is less chance of damaged joists and injured framers.

TRIFORCE® testing ensures that floor joists you install in a residence or commercial building are consistent in strength, quality and appearance. Along with quality assurance, TRIFORCE® offers builders a lightweight product that can be trimmed for a perfect fit on site.

TRIFORCE® joists give builders and end users peace of mind underfoot!



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