Will you stay competitive in a market upswing?

The APA recently announced that it expects a 20% to 25% increase in demand for engineered wood products in 2015.

Citing favorable economic conditions which include a 9% rise in new home construction in the first quarter of 2015, the APA’s report will have an encouraging ring to contractors whose companies were affected by harsh weather conditions in 2014.

The APA also expects multi-family constructions to increase to 36% market share, a consequence of the decreased buying power of young home owners due to tight lending standards and heavy student debt in the USA. The Canadian market has similar numbers with the multi-family housing accounting for 40% of the market.

Now, it’s great that the market is predicted to pick up but that also means increased competitiveness. So how do you stay competitive and get the most out of this market growth, in an environment where everyone will be struggling to make up for last year?

You likely already know all the answers to that one. You need to save time, to deliver reliably, to minimize delays caused by construction materials that are off-measurement or defective. You also have to maximize work force efficiency. And of course, all of these constraints become even more pressing in the more complex multi-family construction contracts.

It’s no wonder then that the APA singles out engineered wood in its market predictions. It’s light, easy to install and precision made. Also, keep in mind that it’s manufactured, which makes it much less subject to market price fluctuations than dimensional lumber (such as in a market upswing).

The Open Joist TRIFORCE joists are particularly well adapted to your constructions plans: Their entirely robotic manufacturing process gives them reliable, super-high precision. They’re designed to accept piping and wiring without affecting structural integrity. They’re made without metal plate connectors that could damage piping and wiring and cause cracking. These open joists are built for the long term.

And sustainability is central to the TRIFORCE. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly solutions in construction. Our manufacturing process puts emphasis on reducing waste, reducing water usage and reusing materials. Couple that with Triforce’s open joists’ durability and you’re also addressing increased customers demand for environmentally-friendly materials.

If construction continues to get back on track in 2015 as predicted by the APA, making the right choices in your materials will definitely help you stay competitive and make the most of it.

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