Fire Resistant Wood Floor Joist

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Triforce fire rated solution unfinished floor ceiling

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Triforce Fire-Resistant Assemblies Guide Listing Information

TRIFORCE® demonstrates outstanding fire performance.

In accordance with Exception 4 of Section R302.13 of the 2018/2015 International Residential Code® , TRIFORCE®’s fire-resistance is equivalent to or greater than that of 2-inch by 10-inch nominal dimension lumber.

The 2018/2015 IRC is enforced by a majority of American states. It requires that unprotected floor/ceiling assemblies exceed a minimum level of fire resistance to address safety concerns. Before now, the cost of achieving this fire resistance has limited builders to expensive options. But now, with TRIFORCE®, builders can meet both fire performance and quality of floor requirements while enjoying all the advantages of an open joist solution.

TRIFORCE® testing was conducted by an independent laboratory and Evaluated by Uniform ES, a respected evaluation service accredited by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Now builders can again enjoy the benefits of a high quality engineered floor system without costs additions like drywall ceilings or sprinkler systems. Open joist TRIFORCE® is constructed of 100% uncoated natural solid-sawn wood. It also uses fire resistant resorcinol adhesive that is NES and CCMC approved.  So, builders don’t have to worry about altering the protection when manipulating the joist.

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