To Trim or Not to Trim

“Why should I use a floor joist that is trimmable when I can install a made-to-length truss immediately?”

Because it’s not a perfect world!

Just ask the framer who, after finishing his morning coffee, opens the bundle of trusses, hoists the first one onto the foundation and discovers it’s too short by 6 inches.

Ask the installer who realizes that the poured wall must be out of square because the trusses appear to be shrinking in length as he nails them down.

Ask the builder who’s rehabbing an antique building and finding that “building them the way they used to” didn’t always produce consistent joist span dimensions.

Or ask the contractor whose job is shut down because the floor truss order wasn’t placed in time to avoid the delay of long manufacturing lead times (or manufacturing replacement trusses of correct lengths).

Get it adapted to job site reality

TRIFORCE® floor joists confront situations like these by including trimmability as a useful product feature. The benefits of trimmability easily out-weigh the minor detraction of making a single cut. If plans have changed and truss specifications haven’t been updated, TRIFORCE® can simply be trimmed to conform to a changed dimension.

Adjusting for out-of-square bearing is easy because adjacent TRIFORCE® joists can be trimmed to different lengths. This custom onsite adjustment also allows framers to fit joists into remodeled spaces where dimensions are not “true”. And, it allows for consistent floor framing in structures with unusual architectural angles.

The adjustability of the TRIFORCE® makes it possible to correct many problems encountered on the job site and even adapt to unexpected situations. And most importantly, this feature allows trimming without affecting the structural integrity of the joist.

Get it done in a timely manner

Because TRIFORCE® joists are stock products inventoried in 2 foot increments, long lead times are avoided, especially during the peak construction season. TRIFORCE® joists can reach a jobsite in days rather than weeks. This standardized joist feature also saves time because standard repair details can be kept at a jobsite for immediate action when needed.  Waiting for an engineer’s custom repair detail is avoided.

TRIFORCE® recognizes and adjusts for an imperfect world… resulting in peace of mind underfoot!


Find out where to buy the TRIFORCE® open joist

Find a Dealer or a Distributor in your region following this link. If you would like to learn more about TRIFORCE® open joist, download the spec guide or feel free to contact us directly!

Triforce open joist
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