As your time becomes more valuable, you must trust that component manufactures will be there for you with quick and accurate solutions.  Timely communication with clear and precise answers is what you deserve and what you should expect.  A loss of time is a loss of money!

Free Access to Experts!

Barrette Structural Distribution, Inc. (BSDI), proud manufacturer of TRIFORCE®, has a long tradition of outstanding service, with rigorously planned logistics providing the best delivery lead times in the industry, as well as comprehensive before and after-sales assistance with highly qualified engineers ready to help you at every stage of your project.

BSDI employees are empowered to get you to the solution needed when you encounter an issue.  With our 1 800 263-7265 line, we are there for you when you need it.  Our experienced engineers are available for questions.  They will make recommendations, so you can get the most out of our product for your project.  They have also developed a wide range of details and documents for specific applications required in the field that are available on our website.

Joist repair details

Fix installation errors without affecting your delivery date!

Because mistakes on the jobsite happen, and because the appropriate methods to fix them exist, we have made more than 15 of the most common quick-fix repair details available 24/7 on the TRIFORCE® website. Feel free to download and consult these guides anytime.  This will save you time and money!

Lower your Labor Cost and Deliver your Projects Faster!

TRIFORCE® open joists are manufactured in an ultra-sophisticated facility with a 100% robotic production, resulting in an extremely high-precision product.  Joist components are robotically cut, grooved and scanned before assembly.  Each joist is individually tested to ensure that only proven joists make it to the jobsite.

Triforce mechanical clearances

TRIFORCE® is an outstanding answer to problems that have plagued framers and MEP installers for years.  It does away with hole-drilling! Its open web design allows for fast, easy installation of MEP components and offers a lower risk for holes drilled in the wrong place.

Containing no metal plates, it has no sharp edges that could damage installations.  Its lightweight design allows for easy handling.  Onsite adjustment of up to 24 inches is simple, thanks to its trimmable end.

And, if ever an emergency occurs requiring joists to be delivered quickly, you can count on TRIFORCE® being a stocked product.  Moreover, TRIFORCE® distributors are selected because of their ability to deliver quickly, with a low error ratio.  The result is reliable availability of TRIFORCE® joists .

These examples, as well many other characteristics specific to the product, make TRIFORCE® open joists THE choice that will lower your labor cost and enable you to deliver your projects faster.

Stay cost-effective by getting away from expensive options for leaving your basement ceiling unfinished!

As concerns grow over fire performance, an increasing number of states are requiring that first floor framing meets the R302.13 – Fire protection of floors within the 2015/2018 International Residential Code® (IRC).

The 2015/2018 IRC versions, accepted by a majority of states, require that unprotected floor/ceiling assemblies exceed a minimum level of fire resistance to address safety concerns. Before now, the cost of achieving this fire resistance has limited builders to expensive options. With floor systems built with TRIFORCE® open joist, builders can now meet both fire performance and quality of floor standards while enjoying an open joist solution.

Based on thorough testing conducted by an approved independent laboratory, and evaluated and found compliant by IAPMO Uniform ES, TRIFORCE® open joists have demonstrated outstanding fire performance.  TRIFORCE® open joists have been evaluated for equivalent fire-resistant construction to dimensional lumber or structural composite lumber equal to or greater than 2-inch by 10-inch nominal dimension, in accordance with Exception 4 of Section R302.13 of the 2015/2018 International Residential Code® (equivalent to section R501.3 of the 2012 IRC).

Now builders can again enjoy the benefits of a high-quality engineered floor system without the additional costs for drywall ceilings or sprinkler systems.

Analyzer Software

Finally Get that Peace of Mind                                               

Enabling you to be cost-effective and to deliver your projects faster, TRIFORCE® open joists are an excellent option for providing an extremely high-precision product!  The “customer experience” with TRIFORCE® open joists will be efficient and satisfying from purchase to delivery and installation.  Our experts remain available to you.  So, do not be afraid to lead the way and make the move!  Discover why people say TRIFORCE® is the peace of mind underfoot and beyond!

Triforce Open Joist
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