Building green is more popular than ever

Building green continues to gain market share as per a recent study by Dodge Data & Analytics.  Sponsored by the NAHB and the National Multifamily housing council, the study is an eye-opener. Indeed, the statistics show an impressive number of single and multifamily builders engaged in green building.

Less worry about the costs of building green

Helping this trend has been the diminishing builder concern about the upfront costs of building green. This correlates with increased willingness of customers to pay more for green features.

Still, even seen in this light, the jump in the number of builders dedicated to green projects in the multifamily category is nothing short of remarkable.

Building green Multifamily builder increase Dodge Data

source: Dodge Data & Analytics – Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017

In all, fully a third of both single-family and multifamily builders said that building green was a significant part of their activity.

A variety of drivers  for this trend

According to their findings, there is no single driver for these increases. Rather, there are a number of factors. These include:

  • Customer demand
  • Greater availability and affordability of green products
  • Changes in building codes
  • Increases in energy costs
  • Government programs

What also seems to be helping is a continuing erosion of customer objections to building green, and not just price-wise. In an excerpt from the report below, here are the percentage of builders in 2014, 2015 and 2017 who rated each obstacle as important.

Obstacles to building green over time Dodge data exerpt

source: Dodge Data & Analytics – Green Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017

TRIFORCE® is built with the environment in mind

TRIFORCE® wood joists have green building characteristics. They made entirely of wood, a fully renewable material. We also produce them sustainably. By that, we mean following principles of sustainable development including 3R-E (reduce, recycle, reuse and eliminate). Our factory and equipment have many eco-energetic characteristics. In fact, TRIFORCE® has a long history of social and environmental responsibility. Get further details in the sustainable development section of our website, here.

Finally, find out more about the physical characteristics of this environmentally smart product by downloading our TRIFORCE® spec guide

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