Build a better basement: Start with the ceiling.

These days, new homeowners have their financial limits when it comes to adding any nice-to-haves. This is why basements are often left unfinished. Yet homebuyers have many reasons to extend that extra money to finish this often-neglected part of the house.

  • Fire safety can be increased just by finishing the basement ceiling.
  • It becomes additional living space and increases quality of life within the house.
  • Finishing the basement increases the resale value of the house significantly.
  • Energy codes in many states now require insulation of basement walls, so why not continue the work that has to be started?

Yet the idea of a finished basement may still not appeal. Outside financial considerations, one of the biggest reasons is the ceiling. Or more precisely, how the ceiling is built.

A homebuyer’s idea of a finished basement usually contains soffits and chases that don’t always work out nicely in a design. Also, the possibility that a ceiling will have to be lowered can make a room less appealing. Then, there’s the work involved in drilling through the ceiling joists to add all the necessary wiring, HVAC ducts and piping. Sounds like a lot in labour costs.

Yet it is possible to help the new homeowner avoid all these inconveniences simply by using floor joists with an open structure in your design.

Not only can all the ductwork, electricals and plumbing easily fit into the ceiling space and create a more open and comfortable living area below, the installation time is reduced as there is no drilling or building of additional structure required.

Even if the homeowner decides to finish the basement later by themselves, there is value in showing them that they will have a much easier job of it because of the type of joist being used. And any realtor will tell you that a basement with a higher and unobstructed ceiling will help fetch a higher price for the house down the road.

Find out more about how the TRIFORCE® open joist can add value to your projects by downloading our spec guide, or contact us.

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