Why choose the Open Joist TRIFORCE for industrial, commercial or institutional projects?

As we saw a couple weeks ago, the Open Joist TRIFORCE joist is the go-to floor system solution for residential projects. For the same reasons, it is also the right choice for other types of projects, such as industrial, commercial or institutional construction projects. It is adjustable thanks to its adjustable OSB panel and it makes it easy to install pipes, plumbing and other wiring.

industrial, commercial or institutional vs residential

The main difference between residential and these other types of projects are numerous though. Buildings for commercial, institutional or industrial purposes are usually a lot bigger. They, therefore, demand great strength at the joist level.

The Open Joist TRIFORCE joist has been designed to support this kind of construction, and it is a proven product, as it is used all across North America. It indeed supports heavy loads over long spans. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions. Moisure, water, cold, extreme heat is not an issue for the TRIFORCE joist.

Fire resistance

It also meets the IRC CODE R501.3 for fire resistance. It means it provides equivalent fire performance as dimension lumber or structural composite lumber equal to or greater than 2” x 10”. Safety is key for these types of construction projects and choosing the TRIFORCE will prove to be the right pick.

Long-term performance

The Open Joist TRIFORCE joist ensures long-term performance without cracking. It also minimizes the risk of damage to the ducts, plumbing and wiring facilities and therefore improves their lifespan.

Recommended for industrial, commercial or institutional projects

No wonder architects already recommend the Open Joist TRIFORCE for industrial, commercial or institutional projects. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient floor structure solution. It will ensure durability and safety for your project and your building for years to come.

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