TRIFORCE® featured in NAHB Member Spotlight

May 25th, 2018

TRIFORCE® has been featured in NAHB Member Spotlight for their April newsletter. NAHB is comprised of more than 700 associations and over 140,000 members across the United States, most of which are builders or are working in the housing industry.

Member Spotlight: Brian Ellenberger, Barrette Structural

After more than 50 years in the industry, Barrette Structural Inc. based in Quebec, Canada, continues to maintain its cutting edge. It manufactures Open Joist TRIFORCE®, an engineered floor joist that features an open-web configuration for strength and easy mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) access. It is constructed entirely of wood, finger-joined with waterproof structural adhesive that is NES and CCMC approved.

Barrette Structural designed TRIFORCE® to help builders meet both the 2012 and 2015 International Residential Code® which requires that unprotected floor and ceiling assemblies exceed a minimum level of fire resistance. Before now, the cost of achieving this fire resistance has limited builders to more expensive options.

“Based on thorough testing conducted by an approved independent laboratory, and evaluated and found compliant by Uniform ES, open joist TRIFORCE® has demonstrated outstanding fire performance,” said Ellenberger.

Technology plays a big role in the manufacturing of TRIFORCE® open joist. The process is entirely automated to ensure precision assembly, product consistency and good appearance. All wood components of TRIFORCE® joists are cut and machined with computer-guided accuracy. Finally, every joist is tested individually with a proof load and undergoes periodic destructive testing.

The decade-long NAHB Global Member keeps its finger on the pulse of the market, ensuring TRIFORCE® addresses the concerns of today’s home owner.

“Made 100% of wood, we have seen our product used in efforts including green building, passive house structures and housing trends that address concerns of millennials such as budgeting, smart home technology and tiny houses,” added Ellenberger.

The manufacturer has also seen trends in panelization that include floor panels and works closely with builders to innovate new ways this concept can make them more competitive in the market.

“We believe there will be more systems-built approaches to multifamily and residential construction in the near future and TRIFORCE®, with its many benefits, will be the perfect product to lead the way,” concluded Ellenberger.


This article is reproduced with permission. To learn more about NAHB, visit their website.