Come and meet the TRIFORCE® team at LBM Expo ‘17

The TRIFORCE® team will be at LBM Expo’17 this coming February 15th to 17th in Providence, Rhode Island.

This is the biggest lumber and building material industry show on the East coast, so we hope you have a chance to come. If you do, stop by and see us at booth 601!

LBM Expo ‘17, ideal for everyone in the wood industry

LBM Expo ‘17 is an ideal event for wood product manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to get in front of principals, owners, and qualified buyers.

Lumberyards, dealers and buyers will be flocking to see all sorts of new products. But that’s not all they’ll be looking for. They need to find the right opportunities in a rapidly changing construction industry landscape. Indeed, Today’s buyers aren’t just looking for the latest thing. In fact, they are looking for partners who can provide them with long-term value. Not Just through the product, but through company culture, as well as the service and support provided, over time.

Building lasting relationships

This is one of the great strengths of this show: It gives us the opportunity to build the lasting relationships we all need, to face construction industry changes in technology, regulations, market performance, as well as the current labour challenges.

We talk a lot about the TRIFORCE® product in this blog, but our emphasis on our customers over the long term is what makes us a very credible alternative to other bigger floor system competitors

  • Provide in-depth engineer and builder support to ensure your project’s success
  • Leverage our innovative products to help you save time and money
  • Cultivate a responsive distribution channel to make sure our products are widely available, through knowledgeable providers
  • Our manufacturing process is sustainable

We’re in it for the long term, to bring you value. Come and find out how at the show or contact us directly!

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