5 Top Reasons you should be using open joist TRIFORCE® instead of other wood joists

Using open joist TRIFORCE® instead of another joist product is a wise move. This innovative, engineered wood flooring product is gaining wider and wider use across the residential, light commercial and institutional segments of the construction industry.  Here’s why.

1. Open web design

Eliminating the time plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals need to spend cutting holes through OSB to pass piping, wiring, and ducts, open web design allows for faster easier installation while giving the freedom to choose optimal paths for MEP equipment. Use open joist TRIFORCE® instead of spending time figuring out where you should be cutting holes.

2. Adjustable onsite

In addition to its webbed construction, the open joist TRIFORCE® has a 31 5/8” OSB panel at one end, which is trimmable up to 24’’. This means a precise fit onsite, no joist replacements, and no waiting for engineer approval. If the adjustment is needed on the other side, simply flip the open-joist around.

3. Sustainable

Wood is naturally an ecological choice of construction material. Its carbon footprint is several times smaller than that of steel or concrete. It is renewable. Also, not using metal plates in TRIFORCE®‘s design actually gives it better fire resistance.

4. Unsurpassed quality

The Open-joist TRIFORCE® is manufactured in an ultra-sophisticated facility and its production is 100% robotic. The result is an extremely high-precision product. Furthermore, TRIFORCE® conforms to ASDTM5055 standards. This includes shear, reaction, moment and stiffness. As a result, you get a high-quality product every time.

5. A longstanding commitment to superior quality service

The manufacturers of Open-joist TRIFORCE®, Barrette Structural, have a long tradition of outstanding service, with rigorously planned logistics providing the best delivery lead times in the industry, as well as comprehensive before and after-sales assistance with highly qualified engineers ready to help you at every stage of your project.

In conclusion, f you want to find out more about how to integrate this exceptionally versatile product into your plans, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.


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