Some good reasons to use Triforce® for flat roofs

Lately, we’ve been working on quite a few flat roofs for multifamily projects. While most roof structures in this category of building are made from dimensional lumber, MDUs with flat roofs tend to be framed with either dimensional lumber or plated trusses.

So, how did we convince the multifamily project designers to use Triforce® for their flat roof instead?

Actually, it wasn’t all that hard.

Triforce® strength and load capacity is equal to the other materials in the same situation. And if the span is equivalent, Triforce® ends up being less expensive than using plated trusses or wood.

Triforce® vs Plated trusses

Plated trusses can also expose the builder possible delays.  Their entire project can grind to a halt if there is a measurement error because plated trusses can’t be adjusted, and need to be replaced. If the truss-making company has a backlog of orders, the wait time can turn into several weeks. After that, the engineer of record needs come back on site to approve the replacement. The Triforce® product is adjustable onsite.

Triforce® vs Dimensional lumber

With dimensional lumber, more wood has to be installed and more material carted around.  Whereas lumber is usually spaced at 16” o.c., open joist Triforce® can be spaced at 19.2” o.c. or even 24”o.c., so less material required. Triforce® is also lighter and easier to handle. All this makes for a quicker installation.

Furthermore, lumber doesn’t provide as good a grip as Triforce®, especially when wet. This may seem like a small detail but when you are installing hundreds of them, it makes a difference.


Post-installation, Triforce® makes the roof structure much easier to insulate. Its all-wood, open design allows maximum freedom of movement.  Plated trusses, on the other hand, are treacherous due to the sharpness of the plates. Dimensional lumber makes the insulation process more tedious as it takes a lot of in-between filling.


Triforce® can provide excellent lateral shear resistance against wind, at up to 600plf. Also, we strongly recommend hurricane clips for proper connection to the top plate. Thanks to its 100% robotic construction and extensive quality control, Triforce® is also very precise and highly reliable.


With lower overall cost, more maneuverability, adjustability, strength and wide availability, open joist Triforce® is ideal for flat roofs in multifamily projects.

If you’d like more detail on the Triforce® product, Please download our spec guide!

Triforce Open Joist
Download the Spec Guide


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