Guides for common repairs now offered online

When Repairs are Needed

You know how it goes: you’ve got the floor system framed, you’re ready for the next step and…the trades arrive and begin their work in earnest.  Next thing you know, someone has cut through a truss chord to install a toilet drop or removed a web so an HVAC duct can fit more easily.

So work stops…because you recognize the problem or because an inspector has flagged it.  And work can’t resume until structural members are repaired.  Often, obtaining engineered repair details for these situations takes days or weeks.  Meanwhile, building progress has halted.

The TRIFORCE Team knows the situations described above are common occurrences in most projects.  And, even though every TRIFORCE floor joist is tested before leaving the factory, joists can be damaged during shipping and handling…another cause for repair.

To The Rescue

To help avoid long waits for repair specifications and accompanying engineering fees, Barrette Structural has commissioned repair details for the most common field situations requiring action.

TRIFORCE Floor truss repair details are simple and do not require removal or replacement of an entire joist.  Common materials and techniques can be used by framers on-site.  These details are available free-of-charge here.

Some guidelines before proceeding

These guides provide the proper steps to address common problems and do not jeopardize the structural strength of our TRIFORCE® open joist. These repairs can also be completed on site by your own team.

In the case of an altered or damaged joist situation not covered by Standard Repair Details, TRIFORCE representatives can arrange for custom engineered repair specifications.

If you have any questions about our Repair Detail services, talk with your TRIFORCE supplier or contact us. Accessible standard repairs are another great reason to use Open Joist TRIFORCE for floor framing in your projects.

Triforce Spec Guide

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