Becoming a green leader

Our product, the Open Joist TRIFORCE, is made entirely of wood. It is the only open web flooring solution without metal connectors. In other words, our product depends on the environment, thus making the environment a priority for Barrette Structural Distribution.

This is why we modeled the manufacturing process of the Open Joist TRIFORCE on the Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing model. This model focuses on the most productive and efficient use of raw materials and natural resources. It aims to minimize any adverse impacts on workers or on the environment.

The team behind the Open Joist TRIFORCE is hard at work to reduce its environmental impact. Our goal is to reach the 3R-E: reducing, recycling, reusing, eliminating by:

  • Reducing at the source, recycling or reusing materials to ensure optimal use of raw materials;
  • Minimizing the use and waste of water;
  • Managing waste and dangerous materials efficiently and responsibly, from procurement to elimination.

The plant where the Open Joist TRIFORCE is manufactured was also designed to minimize the impact on the environment.

But that’s not all. Sustainable development goes further.

To us, sustainable development also means responsible economic activities, such as encouraging our suppliers to embrace ecologically responsible practices. It means choosing recyclable packaging made from recyclable or recycled materials. We try to focus on every detail that could make our activity greener.

Our vision of sustainable development also extends to communication as we try to promote a climate of dialogue between partners, employees and management. We believe that good communication allows for the growth of relationships that respect sustainable development.

Spreading the word about best practices and sharing our ideas are key strategies to being influential and promoting sustainable development.

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