TRIFORCE® now part of iStruct™ construction design software

I am very pleased to announce that as part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers get quicker and more accurate quotes, TRIFORCE® has been added to iStruct™ construction design software.

iStruct™ is widely used by architects and designers alike, and combines layout/drafting and single member design with accurate 3D visualization.

TRIFORCE® in iStruct™ helps speed up planning and changes

TRIFORCE®’s addition to this software benefits our customers a few different ways. For one, iStruct™’s automation will help speed up the planning process, and the handling of design changes during construction. It can

  • Ensure framing plans respect code as the software is up to date with IBC 2012-2015.
  • Very quickly scale the design, such as with a plan received in Adobe Acrobat *.PDF format. All that is needed is one known measurement from which iStruct™ can quickly rescale the entire plan.
  • Help immediately spot design changes by allowing full comparison to of the latest version to the original plan. This is key because changes aren’t always indicated and time gets wasted looking for them. Builders and designers alike sometimes lose track of changes made.

So, the back and forth of the design between the builder and the architect/designer or structural engineer is made smoother and faster.

The addition of TRIFORCE® makes it easy to compare floor systems 

TRIFORCE®’s addition to iStruct™ also makes it easy to compare floor systems. For example, it is a fairly simple procedure to replace an I-joist floor system with the open joist TRIFORCE® in the design.

If your designer, distributor or lumber yard uses iStruct™ I urge you to ask them to produce two versions of your plans, one with I-joist and the other with the TRIFORCE® product. The comparison will be worth your while.

Here below is 3D output of a recent beach house project. Notice how well TRIFORCE®’s open design can help you visualize the passage of HVAC, plumbing and electricity.  No need to worry about I-joist punch outs or using I-joist instructions to figure out what holes you can put, and where.

With an open design, discussions about plumbing or ducting runs won’t take long. Nor will their installation. That’s where the open joist product brings an additional value to the project: Time saved in MEP installation means reduced labor costs and reduction of possible errors, as well as any associated repair and approval times.

Now in use

Our distributors are already hard at work creating designs using TRIFORCE® and helping customers realize the benefits of our unique, adjustable open joist product. Why not ask for a comparison?

More information

In the meantime, to have a closer look at TRIFORCE®, download our spec. guide!

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