Commitment to Society


Helping the community

As far as we are concerned, the social aspect of sustainable development is synonymous with security and social equity. Since 1964, this business has been providing major support for the Canadian lumber industry and its numerous workers.

Social equity

Among our important founding values are: respect, integrity and solidarity, which have allowed thousands of employees to develop within the company. The group now has more than 700 employees around the world. Whether in Quebec, Ontario, the United States or Europe, more than 120 engineers and technicians are employed by the company to offer its unique and ecological products.

Specialized expertise

Conscious of the added value represented by its employees, the company provides ongoing specialized training in its field. This has resulted in a number of employees now being able to exercise their unique expertise in the handling/building of wooden structures.

Pass it on

A proud partner of agencies in its community, the company puts into practice the expression ‘paying it forward’. Indeed, whether it’s in the field of Health, Education or during sporting and cultural events; public, semi-public and private agencies have received generous donations.

Health & safety

None of these numerous actions would be lasting without constant vigilance in the area of health and safety in the workplace. A firm believer in a safe and secure workplace, in which everyone can develop, we never cease to improve its standards with respect to security.

Social diversity

Diversity with respect to human resources is one of the pillars of our prosperity.

Cultural diversity is beneficial for both social and technological advances. By sharing knowledge and fighting against cultural discrimination, the company supports cultural diversity within its workforce.

Gender diversity is primordial for the company. We recognize the place of women within the company and aims to continually integrate them more and more in its overall activities, whether it be in the office or out in the field.