Sustainable development: it’s about the economy too

Sustainable development does not only focus on environmental issues. It goes further and has some major components, one of which is the economy.

What does this mean? It means that, through the Open Joist TRIFORCE, we provide opportunities for new growth in both the construction and lumber sectors. It means being economically responsible and leading the way to effective sustainable practices.

More importantly, we believe our “greener” actions will have a long lasting impact on the economy. How?

Firstly, to assemble the Open Joist TRIFORCE, we purchase certified wood. This wood comes from local natural resources. This way, we’re contributing to the prosperity of the Quebec lumber market.

Secondly and thanks to our focus on environmental protection, we’ve developed ways to make our economic activities more durable. By recycling raw materials and aiming towards energy efficiency, we’ve managed to reduce production costs. We are then able to offer ecologically sustainable products and keep our prices low… the lowest on the market actually.

Barrette Structural Distribution is a team, and we care about the people who play for this team. Even though a lot of the wood industry is moving to developing countries, Barrette Structural Distribution makes a point of preserving all of the jobs in the US and Canada. The company invests about $25 million in salaries every year, thereby helping the North American economy to develop and prosper.

The Open Joist TRIFORCE is the result of an efficient and sustainable product, both environmentally and economically.

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