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We’re happy to respond quickly and give you information about Open Joist TRIFORCE®, the simplified material configuration system that offers a more efficient and economical product to our distributors and loyal customers.


Since our joist doesn’t have a camber, the risk of damage is low, but it would be important to call one of our representative so he can assess the situation and advise you properly.

We have a page dedicated to Product Literature, with basic examples for other installation problems. For other installation issues, please refer to one of our representatives.


A joist is preferable because the 2*10 will start curving  with time and will not stay as straight as a joist, which has different pieces of wood interconnected which compensate one on the other and gives your straighter and better floor.

The use of an open joist allows the user to save time and money. An open joist is a light, strong and easy to install product. Our open joist TRIFORCE® is popular with plumbers, electricians and contractors because the openings make for easy installation and they do not have to be drilled on the site.


The glue used in the Open Joist TRIFORCE® is a sustainable product and more efficient than the metal plates. The glue is also really strong and can resist to many vigorous climatic conditions that assure you peace of mind underfoot.


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