Welcome to the Open Joist TRIFORCE blog!

We’re very proud to introduce you to our brand new blog about the Open Joist TRIFORCE.

After decades of experience in construction, doing our best to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations, we’ve learned a lot about the industry. We’ve learned to innovate and push boundaries in order to provide a state of the art structural flooring product, topnotch service and incredible support all around.

So we thought we’d share our passion and knowledge with you, which is why we started this blog. Through articles, case studies and stories, we hope you will learn more about the Open Joist TRIFORCE. It won’t only be about technical details and how the TRIFORCE can be the right flooring solution for you; there’s already a website for that! We want this blog to reflect all the things that are part of the Open Joist TRIFORCE. We truly believe in what we do, and to us, the TRIFORCE is more than just an engineering flooring system. Behind it, there is a team, there are commitments and beliefs, and this is what we intend to share on this blog.

What’s it about then?

Thanks to our bloggers, you’ll learn about many things: how the Open Joist TRIFORCE is built, the accessories and software that can help, sustainable development, what’s happening behind the scenes, collaboration with architects, entrepreneurs, engineers, distributors and contractors and much more.

We’re looking forward to starting this new adventure and to hearing your thoughts about our stories and articles.

The Open Joist TRIFORCE blog will have four bloggers (me included!) to post our thoughts and ideas every week. I’ll be happy to introduce them in the next blog post!

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