TRIFORCE® used in an international competition

TRIFORCE® is proud to support TeamMTL as they compete against 21 other teams from 11 countries in designing and building the next generation of housing. This international competition, called Solar Decathlon, takes place in China between July and October 2018.

TeamMTL, comprised of students from McGill and Concordia universities in Canada, is using the TRIFORCE® open joist floor system in their Deep-Performance Dwelling (DPD). The DPD aims at being self-sufficient, eco-friendly, and comfortable, pioneering the way for more sustainable and socially relevant housing.

A particular challenge for the team is to design and build the passivhaus in Montreal, and then disassemble it, ship it to China, and rebuild it there for the competition. The team has to plan and execute everything to perfection.

Prefab is the answer

Prefabricated components are perfectly suited for such applications. According to TeamMTL, “Prefabrication addresses issues of affordability, reduction of waste, health and safety of workers”. It also offers “greater export capacity, and quality control to achieve high-performance building standards.”

Indeed, prefab components also allow for more precise assembly, and easier shipping. By planning everything ahead, the team can optimize their time and the materials they use – a key in sustainable building. Ultimately, the DPD ends up being an affordable house as well, thanks to all this optimization.

TeamMTL also benefits from Quebec’s prefabrication industry. The innovation and expansion of prefab in the province offers a great source of know-how and expertise. It also provides builders with technologically advanced components such as the TRIFORCE® floor system, a solution used by Bonneville, a major prefab house manufacturer.

TRIFORCE®, a natural choice

Its open and triangular configuration make the TRIFORCE® lightweight and easy to carry around the construction site. It also leaves a lot of room for the passage of pipes and wires. Builders can then make the best use of the space available.

On the other hand, there are environmental benefits for TeamMTL’s dwelling. More precisely, TRIFORCE® is compliant with the Passive House Building Standard. This means eco-friendly builders can employed in sustainable building that aim at rigorous energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the automated manufacturing of TRIFORCE® wood joists offers other advantages. Our open joist system is made entirely of wood, without any metal plates, and precisely crafted by robots in an eco-friendly engineered wood plant.

Overall, TRIFORCE® offers TeamMTL a strong, reliable, sustainable, and practical floor system. It answers their needs and allows them to achieve the highest levels of sustainability and performance.

We wish them great success in this competition and we will post updates of their progress on a regular basis.

Photos of the project


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