TRIFORCE®: Ground-breaking efficiency for Bonneville

The right floor opened the door to better homes

Over the course of its 55-year history, Bonneville Homes, a leading Canadian prefab home manufacturer, has constantly evolved its building techniques in pursuit of greater quality and durability. The company is now a leader in prefab home design innovation and needed to renew its flooring systems. Because the choice of floor structure materials is key in prefab housing, Bonneville’s high expectations in terms of reliability, installation method, and transportability were key criteria in selecting a replacement. TRIFORCE® not only allowed Bonneville to answer these needs, but also let them save time and money while increasing quality! Contact a Sales Representative if you’d like to know how TRIFORCE® can help optimize your projects. In the meantime, we invite you to download this case study to learn more about how TRIFORCE® allowed Bonneville to open the door to newer and more advanced home designs.

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