Terms and conditions order

Policy for order form and taking possession
of material


  1. Prices are based on full bundle quantities
    • OJ314 and OJ315 (3×2” chords) = 24 joists per bundle
    • OJ314 and OJ315 (3×2” chords) 6 feet = 19 joists per bundle
    • OJ415, OJ418 and OJ420 (4×2” chords) = 19 joists per bundle
  2. Prices do not include taxes enforced.
  3. Prices are FOB 555 Rang St. Malo, Trois Rivieres, QC G8V 0A8
  4. Terms of payment are as per your agreement.
  5. To ensure proper order planning, order confirmation is required before 3 pm the day before the customer takes possession of the material.
  6. Loading schedule is as follows
    • From March to November: Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm.
    • From December to February: Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4 pm.
  7. No loading after 3 pm
  8. 5% handling fees are charged to orders with loading at our Laval, Iberville and Ottawa locations.
  9. 10% handling fees are charged to orders for incomplete packages.