Service economy

Therefore, we firmly believe that a regain in the popularity of “green development” will provide opportunities for new growth in both the construction and lumber sectors.

Economically responsible

Our performance is still partly dependent on the economic situation, so the company has every interest in supporting sustainable development in both the USA and Canadian markets. This economic environment, defined by a range of variables which are impossible to control directly (competition, cost of raw materials, etc.), must be supported by its key actors so that any crisis that arises is a source of opportunity.

Market trends

We have been able to respond adequately to clients demand with respect to corporate economic responsibility. By its actions towards sustainable development, the company is ensuring the longevity of its commercial activities, which constitute a key element in the construction sector. It therefore aims to become a major pillar supporting the health of the lumber industry.

Job creation

Although current trends might lead one to believe that it is better to manufacture products in developing countries, we have never had the intention to follow this course. As far as president Yves Barrette is concerned, it is imperative that jobs are preserved here in USA and Canada. Maintaining these jobs means that some 700 families are able to live healthy secure lives. The company injects some $25M in salaries every year, thus helping the USA and Canadian economy to prosper and develop at the world level.

Efficient production

Thanks to its concern for environmental protection, we ensure that its economic activities are long lasting. In effect, thanks to its programs for recycling raw materials and energetic efficiency, the company has reduced its production costs, which contributes to profitability and the company’s longevity.

So day after day, we continue to market its state-of-the-art products, while ensuring that numerous contractors benefit from the lowest prices on the market.

Purchase of local wood

By purchasing local natural resources, the company is ensuring the prosperity of its own market. We buy more than 40M FBM (94,400 m3) of Quebec wood annually (or board-foot measurement, 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 inch) to manufacture its products.