More than products, service is key in the construction industry

At Barrette Structural Distribution, we are quite proud of our products, including the Open Joist TRIFORCE, our state of the art flooring solution. But providing great products is not enough in the construction industry. Architects, engineers, contractors and all the actors of the industry expect much more…

Indeed, a construction project is a major investment. It is an incredibly big and complex undertaking, where many different people are involved, and time is always an issue.

This is why a great product is not enough. Support and service are just as important… or even more so than the actual product.

What makes a difference then? Support and assistance, engineering, logistics and delivery, and after-sales services.

Every step of a construction project has its hurdles. This is why support and assistance are key. Projects like these require technical advisors, engineers, architects, estimators and technicians to accompany you in each and every phase. These people need to be available at all times to provide expert advice if needed. Indeed, there are many steps in a project where changes are required or a doubt emerges. This is why service, experience and great advice are so important.

Another crucial detail is delivery. The success of a construction project is tightly linked with timing… and having the right materials at the right time. People should expect no less than having the right products delivered exactly when they want them and where they need them.

At Barrette Structural Distribution, we understand the needs of the construction industry, which is why we work hard to provide excellent service at all times, thereby making the Open Joist TRIFORCE a flawless service.

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