How the Open Joist TRIFORCE® is delivered to our customers

After explaining how we build this state of the art joist in our factory, we thought it would be interesting to focus on how we deliver it to our customers, in the US and in Canada. Delivery is indeed just as essential to the success of construction projects as the products themselves.

The importance of planning

A construction project is all about planning. Respecting deadlines means that the next team can do its job and have the right tools at the right time. Planning is always key! On a construction site, being one day late can have major consequences on the full project. Not getting your lumber framing components on time can throw off all your timelines. Working with architects, contractors, and carpenters, we are well aware of this.

We work with a wide network of distributors and a precise logistical approach. This guarantees your TRIFORCE® joists are delivered perfectly on time, when and where you need them.

A new standard

In the U.S. we use distributors, who stock the product in the market, to ensure timely delivery of the TRIFORCE product line.  The distributors have the ability to deliver job packs, full units or even full truckloads of the TRIFORCE® in a timely, efficient manner. So whether your need is large or small you will get exactly what you need, when you need it.

In fact, the open joist TRIFORCE®, thanks to its adaptability, is just like a new standard product. You can adapt it to your project thanks to its adjustable OSB Panel. Delivery is, therefore, faster, as the need for custom orders is replaced by versatile joists adapted to the industry standards.

Delivery for peace of mind

By choosing the Open Joist TRIFORCE®, not only are you choosing a versatile, strong and efficient construction product, you’re also choosing peace of mind for your project, and for your customers!

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