Make the most of the Open Joist TRIFORCE with these accessories

There are many different applications for the Open Joist TRIFORCE as it is a highly versatile component for construction projects. We’ve developed accessories to make it even more adaptable and efficient, and to meet the numerous needs of architects, engineers and contractors.

Among those accessories, you will find rimboard, steel hangers and special adhesives.

Rimboard was designed to facilitate installation of the Open Joist TRIFORCE joists perpendicular or parallel to the exterior bearing walls. Made of engineered lumber, they’re used to brace the floor joists and help with the transfer of vertical loads from upper floors.

Steel joist hangers come in many different sizes and gauge thicknesses. They’re a great fit for lightweight structures but can also be used for heavier beams and columns. They can transfer side and top high load applications. The joist hangers are made in galvanized steel.

To fix coating panels in order to support structures such as floor joists, we recommend two kinds of adhesives: urethane adhesive and solvent-based glue. The first adhesive is a great option because it won’t shrink during hardening, is resistant to moisture and doesn’t emit toxic fumes. It can also be applied on surfaces that are not necessarily perfectly smooth.

As for the solvent-based glue, it might shrink during hardening and does not resist moisture as well as the urethane adhesive. It also gives off more toxic fumes over time. This is why it has to be used outside only. Why would you need a solvent-based glue? It’s softer and therefore easier to use on construction sites, especially during cold weather.

These three accessories make the Open Joist TRIFORCE a versatile flooring solution, and should meet all of the needs of the construction industry.

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