Meet the TRIFORCE® team at the AIBD summer conference!

This coming August 9, 10 and 11, the TRIFORCE® team will be at the AIBD summer conference.

What does the AIBD do?

The American Institute of Building Design’s mandate is to elevate the practice of building design. They educate and support their members with a nation-wide building design code of ethics, educational resources, and also award worthy members and non-members with a Certified Professional Building Designer (CPBD) certification.

Why is TRIFORCE® at their show?

Because quality in building standards has always been high on our priority list. Consequently, our aim is to help building designers get the most out of the TRIFORCE® product and its characteristics. To that end, our experts will be on hand in the main hall to discuss and demonstrate our product’s benefits, and why it is the next logical step in the evolution of the floor joist.

Open design is smarter design

Using an open web design for floor systems is a smarter way of building. It helps you more accurately plan out plumbing, electricity and HVAC runs. It will also help reduce costs on your project by helping contractors save time and money in their build.

AIBD summer conference themes

Like TRIFORCE®, the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) has a keen interest in the building trends that will be shaping the future of construction.  Their summer conference sessions reflect that.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is fast becoming a must for the design professional. Customers have been steeped in technology for years now, and expect to be able to visualize your design through an immersive 3D experience. TRIFORCE® is also following the adoption of BIM closely. Have a look at two of our recent articles on the subject:

BIM software – essentially a computer assisted version of measure twice, cut once (part 1)


BIM projects – measure twice, cut once – (part 2)

High-performance home design

Another “hot” (pardon the pun) topic! Interest is growing fast in more technologically sophisticated homes. These can both reduce their environmental imprint while achieving unprecedented cost savings. As an open web type joist, TRIFORCE® is ideally suited for such homes, providing maximum space to accommodate balanced air systems, wiring for solar power and more.

Design and build

Close collaboration is the key to designers and builders thriving in this next construction upturn. Agreeing on materials that make installation easier and faster is one way to help your company be more efficient. We recommend specifying the light maneuverable and precise TRIFORCE® on your projects. It allows builders to more quickly and easily maneuver and install their floor system. Its 100% robotic construction makes it highly reliable, eliminating surprises on the job site.

We hope we’ll see you at the AIBD

If you’ll be at the AIBD summer conference, make sure to stop by and see us. If you can’t make it, no worries. Don’t hesitate to download our spec guide to get to know this versatile product!

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