Meet our bloggers!

At Barrette Structural Distribution, we are a team. All of our team members working on the Open Joist TRIFORCE are committed and passionate people. Our four bloggers are here to share their passion and explain what they do, what they’ve learned and what makes their job fascinating.

Let’s introduce them!

Matt Loiselle

As an Engineered Wood Products Sales Manager in the US, Matt Loiselle is well aware of what architects, engineers, distributors and contractors are looking for. His job is to make sure they have the support and the help they need, as well as staying up to date on every innovation and novelty in the construction industry. No doubt he has very good stories and tips to share!

Eric Pendland

Eric Pendland is a Technical Support & Sales Consultant for Barrette Structural Distribution. As a consultant, his job is to offer support and advice to architects and clients about the Open Joist TRIFORCE. There are no technical details he doesn’t know about. His expertise will be highly valuable for this blog!

Maël Lavallée

As the Plant Manager for Barrette Structural Distribution, Maël Lavallée is able to see the TRIFORCE being built everyday. He makes sure the automatic assembly of this state of the art product goes smoothly. He’ll share his knowledge about the plant and the process of construction of the Open Joist TRIFORCE.

Sylvain Blais (me!)

I am the Marketing Director and it’s a pleasure to put forward such a product. In this blog, I’ll tell you all about sustainable development and the new trends in the industry, as well as innovations and news about the TRIFORCE.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments about this blog!

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