Getting more for your money in construction materials

Builder confidence grew in June, as the US economy continues its slow but steady recovery. Notwithstanding the current skilled labour shortage, single family and multifamily construction should be picking up over the next few months. After all, the biggest generation in workforce, millennials are expected to move more strongly towards homeownership. Interest rates are at their lowest in 3 years and there has never been a better time to purchase a home. Housing inventory is currently tight, and  sooner or later construction will need to go into full swing to make up for lost time.

Be creative

But builders will have to be creative in providing affordable first-time housing that satisfies both stricter regulations and the price points needed to tap this bottlenecked market. Adherence to regulations on the municipal, state and federal level are reducing profit margins. Bidding is ever more competitive.

Builders can turn to buying groups for cost reduction based on high-volume purchasing. They can ask designers to come up with more efficient designs. They can also turn to more versatile construction materials to get more bang for their buck.

Materials for work efficiency

TRIFORCE® is such a material. Competitively priced and widely available, it also has key characteristics that create what could be called “work efficiencies”.

  • The joist has an open structure. this creates maximum flexibility for the positioning of plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations. And, as no drilling is necessary, it cuts a significant amount of installation time. these are dollars that go back into the profitability of the job.
  • It is lightweight. This may not seem significant but it is.  if you are installing 40 joists, and one man can carry 2 at a time, compared with two men carrying one truss joist at a time, you are saving on labor. Repeat this over weeks, months and years and the impact becomes significant. It is easier to handle and move around.
  • It is precise and adjustable onsite. TRIFORCE®’s completely automated manufacturing facility builds a consistently precise product. How much time is wasted replacing and returning substandard products? If there are errors in your structure, you can compensate for them through TRIFORCE®’s up to 24 inches of adjustability.
  • Finally, because it is 100% engineered wood, is isn’t subject to the price fluctuations of dimensional lumber. That’s one less unknown in your budget.

Find out more about TRIFORCE®’s  work efficiency characteristics. Download our spec guide!

Triforce Spec Guide

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