Our distribution network is expanding!

I’m very excited to see our products being adopted by more and more builders across the continent! Our industry is thriving and the TRIFORCE® open joists is leading the way in current trends such as green building, passive houses, and meeting millennials housing expectations.

We went a long way since the lumber trusses of yesteryear, and we kept innovating even after we came up with the Openjoist 2000 a few decades ago. We keep pushing the boundaries further.

Building a successful network

But our success is not just a matter of innovation. Indeed, it is due in great part to an exceptional distribution network that allows dealers, builders, designers, and architects to readily access inventories across the US and Canada.

Besides, the expertise of our partners adds a great deal of value to our product. They offer engineering services such as layouts, single-member sizing, sealed calcs., as well as other services.

We have recently announced the addition of three new distributor locations to our network. Like other partners before, we have selected them carefully for their ability to deliver products rapidly and without errors.

The benefits you get

Because the TRIFORCE® open joist is widely distributed, it has become the go-to floor system for construction projects. Besides, it can be stocked so this means no additional delays when ordering. Our distributors have an inventory on hand.

Our network also provides excellent coverage, especially across the Eastern U.S. Lumberyards can usually order and receive the TRIFORCE® within two days. Most distributors actually stock the entire line to cover a variety of scenarios.

Thanks to our dealers and distributors, TRIFORCE® is readily available, in sufficient supply, and with the consistent high quality you expect from us. We will keep providing you with the best product and the best services possible.

You should expect more announcements this year as we keep expanding our network to serve you better.

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