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Livable Attics

Livable attics are very attractive these days. As housing market inventory shrinks and housing prices continue to climb, more homeowners are looking to upgrade instead of move. Turning the attic into a livable space such as a new bedroom, a quiet office space or a...
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More good reasons for mixed-use construction

With the current issues in the housing market, investors and builders have good reasons to look into mixed-use construction as a source of profitable work.

Tough market for homebuyers

Recent news from the housing market indicates that homebuyers, especially first time home-buyers are facing a combination of...
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Remodeling: an ace in the hole

At 61 Billion dollars a year, the remodeling business is a huge and profitable industry. It is also continuing to grow. According to the National association of homebuilders remodeling index survey, the majority of remodelers across the country have been consistently reporting higher growth in their...
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